Here are some iPhone pics from last night’s gathering. Finally had the opportunity to meet my “iFriend” Andy, you know – the people you correspond with via email but have not actually met in person, in Monterey for Rennsport Reunion IV. Andy is from the UK and we’ve been corresponding for nearly ten years – seems we both had a “thing” for the Matsuda 911R. Anyway, last night we sent him on his way across the pond with a few beers in his belly.

As an added bonus, Lewis from New York was in the Bay Area on a business trip. Need to make a trip to the local bookstore and check out Classic Porsche for a feature on his car by my buddies John Glynn and Jamie Lipman. – BELOW PIC CLOCKWISE: David, John, John, Andy and Lewis

A shot of John’s Speed Yellow 1995 C2 from the Lafayette Park Hotel valet lot – such a great color I didn’t have the nerve to convert the image to black and white. Personally, I’m not much into the “newer” Porsches but this one does it for me and such a supreme example – perfect condition, nicely optioned and low miles.

Final shot of Andy and me at Laguna Seca. Pic by Dane Boberg.

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  1. Mark Morrissey says:

    Just fantastic that Andy made it out and had such a great time. And kudos to you Bay area guys for giving him a grand welcome. (Lew, I hate you (in the nicest possible way) Andy is one of a kind and I can’t think of many people that have the knowledge of these early cars that he has. Andy is very generous with his knowledge too and has helped countless people including me.

    I’m kicking myself again for missing this 😮 (

  2. Bill Simmeth says:

    I’m right there behind you Mark with my foot kicking my arse. I made it to RRIV, but missed Andy (and Bob and several others).

    Andy, hope you enjoyed your time over here.

  3. Lewis Eig says:

    it was an absolute blast, one I look forward to repeating in a few months….and actually, it was ‘total 911’ that featured the Glynn/Lipman story and photos of my cars, including the Sonett, the house, the barns….great stuff.

  4. johnt says:

    An excellent evening with excellent company. But loading the race gear and race car the following day seemed more difficult than usual………………….

    Could it have been the Lizard’s Breath ale that was imbibed?

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