Received an email from Farrell who was undecided on what color scripts to install on his dopa-licious ’68 in Ossie Blue. And yes, I just made up the word “dopa-licious”. Now I don’t want to open the door to “Bob can you Photoshop all the colors on the rainbow on my car” because you know…I’m a busy guy. You can check out my scripts on cars here. However, if you want to swing by and do one of my weekend chores in exchange then no problem. In this case, I did ask Farrell to send me a pic of his car to help him decide on white or black scripts.

This first pic is the starting point:

Second and third pics with white and black scripts Photoshopped:

At this point Farrell was liking the white but then asked to reposition the scripts lower and remove the trim. No problem. That’s why I keep a layered working file as is the standard workflow for retouching. If I didn’t keep a layered file then I would have had to start from the beginning and re-do all tweaking to transform the P script. Since the file was not flattened it was easy to take the white script layer and move it down after removing the deco trim.

Farrell pulled the trigger on the white upon seeing round two…which was my preference because there is not enough contrast with the black on a blue body. I always like to imagine the color choices in greyscale for contrast purposes.

So the white scripts were ordered and picked up late Friday…too late to ship. No worries. I didn’t think I would get them until Monday or Tuesday so I was ahead of promised shipping date.

Come Saturday morning after a brutal work week I needed to get out in the P car. Didn’t have anywhere special to go so figured may as well run errands in it. Plus, I wanted to see the car in the sun after it received the Griots polish and wax treatment – more on Griots experience at a later date.

First errand, Concord Postal Office to ship Farrell’s scripts. Seriously – check out the package reflection!

Then a much needed fuel stop at Starbucks. During this visit, an employee was refilling the food counter and I suggested they stock cigarettes. I think if she were to mention it to her boss she would get a promotion.

Fully fueled I went for a quick drive. Nothing special as I had things to do but I decided to scout a potential photo-shoot location at the nearby golf course. I wanted to see if the greenery would make for a nice backdrop. Nooooooooope!

Oh well…needed to get back home and do my chores. Just wanted to get out and reward myself a bit and driving an early P car, even if it’s just running errands, does a great job at providing that satisfaction.

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  1. Farrell says:

    Thanks for the photshop assist Bob. She got new pads, rotors, fuel lines, fuel filter, valve adjust and removal of the rocker panel trim (seems too busy to me with the trim AND decals) this past weekend in anticipation of the decals arriving. I cant wait.

    – Farrell

  2. CurtEgerer says:

    Bob … “Just wanted to get out and reward myself a bit and driving an early P car, even if it’s just running errands, does a great job at providing that satisfaction.”

    Clearly, you’re under the subliminal effects of those gawdawful Porsche commercials of late!

    Come to think of it, the background music in the Porsche ads sound the same as that equally gawdawful TV commercial for Viagara where the dumbass overheats his Camaro in the desert. Smokestack Lightning 🙂

  3. Jeroen says:

    The through the window shot is really cool
    …talking about windows, is that a 964 windscreen and/or rubber on your car?

  4. John Forcier says:

    Farrell, the Ossi Blau looks great! I’m in the process of painting my car back to the same original colour.

    Bob, you’ll have another Ossi Blau to photograph when you make it down here one day 🙂

  5. Farrell says:

    Thanks John. I set out looking for an Irish Green car, but found this Ossi blue one. I am glad I did.

    – Farrell

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