Since the last post, I have received several emails inquiring about my camera and if I post process the images. I have a Canon…it really doesn’t matter what camera I have in my bag. It’s just a device that captures images. All that matters is having it with you and capturing the moment in a creative way.

In re: to post processing images, I shoot RAW and post process every single image. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. It’s never really the same. Just what the image calls out for and want I want to achieve.

In the attached example, I removed the people, added a different sky, rotated and re-cropped the frame, added gradients to the top and bottom, color cast it and of course added the text. This is more extensive work than I usually do but it’s not uncommon and to think about it…really not that extensive.

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  1. Tom Morgan says:

    Nice work, the kind of thing I do a lot too. But it’s usually for my day job and paying clients. I think what sets us apart is that you do it for fun and the enjoyment of the creativity that Photoshop can offer. Also what sets your stuff apart is your use of color casts. It’s a nice touch and a signature I’ve seen you build up over the years.

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