It didn’t matter what mobile phone you had at the Tenth Anniversary R Gruppe Treffen held in Cambria, CA 2009 – all calls got dropped. It was a dead zone. The mention of a $29 “rubber bumper” fix would have confused this gearhead crowd. Early 911s had “steel bumpers” and I doubt you could pick one up for $29. Everyone’s mobile device became paper weights for the weekend…and well, the iPhone 4 did not exist at the time.

Some previously unreleased photos:

I would not want Karl O’Donoghue on my ass at night with this arsenal of lights. I think it would peel the paint!

The R Gruppe Treffens always draws a crowd. Nothing better than a parking lot full of vintage German metal and good friends. These shots  represent only a small fraction of the cars in attendance.

Chris Nielson strolling the lot. We both got our cars shot that weekend for the August issue of 911 & Porsche World which you can ck on John Glynn’s blog for the full read. The silver plain Jan Brady car is mine while the  “Marsha Marsha Marsha” car is Nielson’s.

Jamie Lipman working his magic.

Disclaimer: Not an iPhone hater – mine is arriving via FedEx this time tomorrow.

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