15GBs of music on my iPhone and I’m tired of it. Need you guys to leave comments with your tune recommendations based on the list below. Not necessarily the Top Ten but up there. And yes, I do like the depressive-suicidal stuff. What else would you expect from an eight-year-old kid who spent his allowance on KISS eight tracks? I would have included more obscure bands like THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE but pretty certain not this crowd.

BTW, that’s a pic of Marv. Please tell me there are some Frank Miller fans here.

Alice In Chains – DIRT

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – HENRY’S DREAM

Placebo – MEDS



Black Sabbath – SABOTAGE

Natalie Merchant – OPHELIA

Smashing Pumpkins – GISH

Iron Maiden – PIECE OF MIND

Jane’s Addiction – NOTHING’S SHOCKING

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30 Responses to NEED A TUNE UP

  1. Peter Kane says:

    Might I suggest…

    Death Cube K – Disembodied

  2. Bob Tilton says:

    Peter…I’m scared. I like the suicide music. Not homicide.

  3. dave pugh says:

    The band is Sparklehorse “Vivadixiesubmarine” or “Dream for light years”. Not that this is a contest but know the lead singer did kill himself this past year.

  4. Bob Tilton says:

    Dave – Skimmed through the iTunes samples. I could get behind Sparklehorse. Is Dark Night of the Soul worth the purchase?

  5. dave pugh says:

    I’m a big fan of the music. I can’t point to Dark Night of the Soul w/Danger Mouse as a real example of the music. Pure Sparklehorse is represented in “Vivadixiesubmarine” which I’d suggest. Check out the YouTube videos too. Mark Linkus was a real tortured artist for sure and super cool.

  6. Ross says:

    Check out some post-rock: Mogwai, Sunn O))), Russian Circles. Some pretty dark and brooding stuff. For more metal stuff check out Viking Skull, do you like doom/sludge?

  7. m1franck says:

    A must listen to tune is Metallica’s little ditty “Battery”. I’m fond of the version on their S&M album. A great song to drive to!!!!

  8. Bob Tilton says:

    Have all the Metallica CDs. I remember literally bumping into those guys at the Stone, small venue on Broadway in San Francisco, checking out bands like Jane’s Addiction and King Diamond.

    Dave – bought “Vivadixiesubmarine”.

    I’ll sample those bands Ross.

  9. Jeroen says:

    How ’bout some good old Agent Orange (Living in Darkness & This is the Voice)
    Jeffe Buckley
    The Veils, if ya really feel like slashing your wrists 8^)
    Faith No More (Angel Dust and King for a Day…)
    PJ Harvey (Rid of Me)
    My recent favorite band: Triggerfinger (not really depressive though)

  10. Marius says:


    But there are many bands that have SOME really good tracks. You may like …One of my favs RAMMSTEIN – MEIN TEIL

    by the way.. you know your site is on my FAVS TOOLBAR as its in my top ten.

  11. bart says:

    Bob, you and I have talked music before and I am not sure most of my music fits you style, but maybe check out “New Low” by Middle Class Rut. May be a bit “poppy” for you, though.

  12. dave pugh says:

    Let me know if you like the band. I have all of their catalog.

  13. Cornpanzer says:

    You have Natalie Merchant on your list? Seriously? Well…now that you mention it, every time I hear her I want to kill myself. But I didnt think that was the angle you were going for.

  14. Bob Tilton says:

    Marius – many thanks for the bookmark! I have a MUTTER and SEHNSUCHT but have to admit those belong to my wife. I do like Industrial but more of a Skinny Puppy fan.

    Gonna sample the recommendations more tonight.

    Mr Corn – Natalie is secretly a devil worshipper. I have a nose for that sort of thing.

    Thanks all!

  15. based on what you’ve written here, bob, as well as your post titles in the past, here are some of my suggestions for you. in no particular order:

    chris cornell – euphoria morning
    the clash – london calling (*must have*)
    dj shadow – the private press
    the doors – the doors
    faith no more – we care a lot
    fugazi – fugazi
    the greenhornes – dual mono
    interpol – turn on the bright lights
    the jesus and mary chain – psychocandy
    m. ward – end of amnesia
    massive attack – mezzanine
    nirvana – in utero
    pixies – surfer rosa
    portishead – dummy
    radiohead – amnesiac
    sigur rós – Ágætis byrjun
    social distortion – social distortion
    the stone roses – stone roses
    t. rex – electric warrior
    the velvet underground – the velvet underground & nico



  16. Randy says:

    Nick Drake – Pink Moon
    John Martyn – Bless the Weather
    Beck – Sea Change
    Jackson Brown – Late For the Sky
    Neil Young – On the Beach

    If those don’t sufficiently bum you out I have more…

  17. Bob Tilton says:


    Drew – great list. I have most of the material…not all of so gonna do some sampling. My friend’s band opened for Social D and the Ramones. Anyone ever heard of Overwhelming Colorfast? If so, check out the sleeve in the THANK YOU notes.

    Thanks Randy – I have none of that stuff but I do enjoy being very bummed.

  18. Kevin Brooks says:

    I never got to thank you for the steering wheel, its awesome and your right, I’m saving it for my 70′ 911T hotrod project. The 68′ isn’t the right car for it. Back to music, have you tried SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE. Their music always messed with my head when I was in high school

  19. Sal Mendez says:

    How about Red Fang Prehistoric Dog. Great Guitar.

  20. Bob Tilton says:

    Kevin – fro some reason I never really did get into SDRE but I like Fire Theft which has several members from SDRE.

  21. will inch says:

    it will more likely talk you out of it but try Magazine – the light pours out of me

  22. Cam Arnott says:

    Not exactly depressive Bob but check out Tame Impala – Innerspeaker

    Also Cordrazine of you can find it……Album is the same name

  23. John Forcier says:

    Bob, not sure these are suicidal enough (when I went through my catalogue it turned out I was a bit of an optimist), but you may like:

    Birds of Tokyo – Murmurs
    Biffy Clyro – Many of Horror
    Alexi Murdoch – Breathe
    Grinspoon – She’s Leaving Tuesday, Bleed You Dry, and Comeback
    Black Crows – Sympathy for the Devil (great Stones cover)
    ACDC – pretty much anything 😉

    And then I’m going to go out on a limb…
    Paul Kelly – Our Sunshine (almost an Aussie “Bluegrass” sound)

  24. 356Sal says:

    Almost forgot the Red Fang remake of the 1972 song Suicide by Dust.

  25. How about something slightly heavier –

    Neurosis (anything from them but this is a goodin) –
    Any old Fugazi
    Old Man Gloom


  26. Bryce says:

    Start one of your daily routines with some Brian Eno. ‘The Big Ship’, before you fire up the flat six.

  27. Bob Tilton says:

    Man you guys are on it!

  28. Tom Morgan says:

    I’m late to the game, but don’t see Violent Femmes on the list. Maybe I’m just older than the rest of you guys. I did see Death Cab and Interpol, not super depressing but bands I like too. Depeche Mode too (if maybe a little too popular) and I think you have mentioned Silversun Pickups (Carnavas). Sonic Youth (Sonic Nurse) is an option.

  29. John Glynn says:

    Definitely Portishead and all Radiohead. Rob D put me on to Heligoland but might be too tuneful for ya. Also love Mark Hollis’s solo stuff. Sparklehorse is great. MGMT debut has swathes of classic pop electronica: best ever. Alicia Keys has a Joy Division streak in her soul – Songs in A Minor is a classic. Elbow, Bunnymen, David Gray, Elvis Costello, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Kings of Leon, TalkTalk, Verve, Super Furry Animals. Natalie Merchant: top bird.

  30. GermanJunk says:

    Man, I wish I was prolific enough on my blog to have the readership you have. This music suggestion thread is a brilliant idea. Seems like your taste in music crosses paths with mine in many places, so, though it doesn’t meet your criteria, I must suggest one of the greatest bands of our time: Gogol Bordello!
    Eugene Hutz has the soul of all that’s good and f’d up about mankind, and he just makes a party out of it.
    I’ve been listening to The Faint a lot lately..good electroclash.
    Surprised not to see any Pixies or Frank Black on here. That’s a must have.
    One that’s extremely cathartic and suicidal punk, although a tad childish at times, is the band “Brand New”. The album Daisy is what got me hooked.
    On a slower note, you must have some Leonard Cohen on there, and his French counterpart Jacques Brel.

    And for discovering music, Pandora really works great on the iPhone, you just have to make a ton of stations and put it on quickmix so you don’t get repeats. I pay the yearly dues to avoid the sould sucking commercials.

    BTW, just stumbled on your blog while on Pelican. I wish I could justify the cost of one of your books right now. Looks like a masterpiece. I hope you’ll do more printings so I can get one for myself for Xmas.

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