Having the dealership license plate frame from which your car was purchased is a big deal. People pay big money for these pot metal frames they gave away back in the day. I’ve heard of people paying $700 for a Vasek Polak frame. $700 people. For a license plate frame. Seriously?

I’ve had this one hanging in the garage for a few years. Walnut Creek is the closest town to me with a Porsche dealership. A lady at work with a mid-eighties Mercedes kindly gave it to me. I just had to trade her a blank frame. Now I am never going to fool any of the locals that this frame is from ’68. I could fool people outside the Bay Area. Maybe. Probably not. I could justify the license plate on my car by explaining that it was a trade in during the mid-eighties. Regardless…it didn’t cost me $700. Serious.

If anyone can help me come up with a better lie then please chime in. If it’s a good lie then I will install it. 😉

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  1. john boyer says:

    Maybe you could tell people that Stead had a secret race program in the mid eighties and your car was the test mule. A skunk works kind of program. I am also looking for a plate frame for my ’62 beetle from Daly City, CA just in case anyone out there has one. P.S. who painted your plate the colors look correct which is usually not the case.

  2. Peter Kane says:

    If you ever have a werkcrew bracket made up, I’m buying. That would be very cool.

  3. Bob Tilton says:

    Skunk Werks in WC…could work. 😉

    I got a personalized license plate from the DMV then had make a black plate version.

    Peter…that’s crazy talk!

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