Met John Gray for coffee this weekend. He busted out his new toys. I passed out. Absolutely obscene – wish they within my W2. This is a must have for anyone building a “sports purpose” 911. They are obscenely expensive and incredibly rare to find in NOS condition.

He was crazy enough to let me take them home to photograph. Turned out his pictures were better. I asked him to write about it:

A mint Heuer Rally Master set I was lucky enough to find out of an estate sale in Miami. This set is from the post-67 period with the two button version of the Monte Carlo, but before they went to black buttons and plastic faces. It has the chromed brass backplate, and another aluminum mounting bracket to hold the plate but allow for easy removal. I think that is probably why this set stayed so nice. The bracket shows some signs of use, but the set was apparently kept in a black storage bag when not being used.

They belonged to a wealthy gentleman in Miami who had a number of cars but also flew his own planes, so he may have ordered the black bracket to mount in a plane. It doesn’t have any markings but is made as nice as the rest, the brass plate slides into it with a solid click.

The distinction between the yellow hands and markers for the hours and the white for seconds on the Master Time is as good as I’ve seen. They seem to operate perfectly.

Just watching the second hand go around on the Master Time is mesmerizing. You get that nice non-quartz mechanical movement of a Swiss watch, exaggerated by the size of the dial on these.

So either this note will be blogged with some photos of them, or else someone was just making a flimsy excuse to get them and I’ll have to go with a screwdriver and pry them off the dash of a certain silver car a few miles from here……

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  1. Swoon , swoon ,swoon . These are magnificent .Tx for sharing this story which has prompted me to tell my own more modest Heuer story see
    As you will see you can still find a mint Heuer for $50 on ebay -sadly not a Rallymaster.

  2. Kent says:

    Oh man!!! I’ve coveted those for years. Perfect set.

  3. Bob Tilton says:

    These really are the most perfect set that I have seen or will most likely ever see. If I had the coin or Gray accepted a payment plan involving my first born…it would be a done deal.

  4. Tom Morgan says:

    If I were Gray, I’d just go ahead and get the screwdriver ready now.

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